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diabetic white rice singapore
healthy white rice singapore
diabetes white rice singapore
diabetes white rice singapore


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A medium-sized grain white rice that after cooking is light and fluffy. Highly economical, when you follow our cooking methods it yields a high amount of cooked rice compared to normal white rice.
Lower in carbohydrates and calories, Kirapaddy is suitable for anyone looking to manage their daily intakes and have a healthy white rice staple for the family.
  • Resealable transparent packaging
  • Economical: high yield of cooked rice portions
  • Only 18g of carbohydrates in each 100g serving
  • Contains dietary fibre, minerals like calcium and iron and vitamins
  • Suitable for adults and kids and the whole family
  • Store in cool place for up to 2 years

A 2.5kg pack can last a family of 2-3 on average 1 month with daily meals, depending on each individuals intake.