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7 Ways To Eat Like A Pig This CNY And Not Look Like One

We all secretly have a love hate relationship everytime this season of the year comes back round. Festive food, reasons to go to that restaurant you have been waiting for, seeing those relatives that you are not too sure how to address - we love all that. On the flip side, we worry that the clothes might not fit post CNY, having to re-think of a CNY resolution to get things moving and most importantly: HOW CAN I EAT EVERYTHING?!

Here are 7 ways you can eat like a pig in the Pig Year to your heart's content, all without looking like one:

  1. The Lesser Evil
    When comes to doing the rounds at the relatives, you know what awaits you - sugared chewy candies, pineapple tarts, love letters and the works. Balance out the sweet stuff and it's okay to have more sunflower seeds, peanuts and the all time favourite ‘kuaci’ (watermelon seeds) and even pistachio nuts - go nuts! Literally. 


  2. Do the Rice Thing
    With all good Chinese feasting comes a bowl of heavenly white rice. Swap out your staples for a rice that is lower in calories and carbohydrates, and higher in dietary fibre to help keep the system efficient. Check out our blog post ‘5 Ways to Keep the Calories Low’ for more ideas to lower calories!

    Kirapaddy contains only 18g of carbohydrates and 75kcal of calories in 100g of cooked rice. Normal white and brown rice contains 30-50g carbohydrates/calories.

    Yes. Unlimited Yusheng is on the table. Full of vegetables like carrots, radish and ginger, make sure you get all the luck by munching on healthy Omega-3s you can get from salmon. Permission granted.

    Image courtesy of Women's Weekly Singapore featuring Ding Tai Fung

  4. Hungry Huat Where?
    With plenty of good restaurant choices serving up not only delicious but also healthy hearty CNY food, you should feel spoilt for choice on where to bring the family to. Think whole and fresh food like steamboat with a side of Kirapaddy? Steamed seafood? Or how about having Pencai delivered straight to your doorstep?

    One pot steamboatImage courtesy of MissTamChiak

  5. Spring Cleaning for the Fridge
    We do it for our homes but we often forget the fridge. Take time to throw out the processed foods and allow space for good wholesome food in preparation for the new year. Luncheon meat is so 2000.

  6. Drink Heavenly Sky Juice
    Still the golden choice when coming to the myriad of drinks available during the festivities - WATER. Combat the heat and spice, saving room for more food instead of filling up with sugary soft drinks. Not forgetting that your teeth are the ones going through the real torture this festive season.

  7. Reward Yourself
    ... on days when you're going to hit the gym or get moving. Carbs and a little bit of sugar can be saved for training days and especially if you're going to double up on exercise, now is the time to dig into that Bakwa (DING!) :)

Does anyone remember this?

Start yourself today for the feasting marathon and even if you take just 3-4 steps of making changes, you will already see how it can help you. Happy Chinese New Year, HUAT AH!, may Lady Luck be at your table and happy pigging out this year 2019!


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